Let’s Restore the Floors in Your Home

Hardwood floors can enhance the aesthetics of any house, and they often serve as a significant element of design in living rooms or kitchens. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of hardwood floors. Nonetheless, they often receive insufficient maintenance or repair attention, despite their susceptibility to typical wear and tear. Even though they are hardwood, they still require regular upkeep.

At Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, we know the value of your hardwood floors and how to best treat them. That’s why we provide professional wood floor refinishing in South Jordan, UT!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing South Jordan UT

Schedule a Wood Floor Refinishing in South Jordan, UT

If you’re ready to make your hardwood floors shine again, take advantage of our wood floor refinishing in South Jordan, UT. Get started with your project by calling us at 385-261-4027 or contacting us online here!

How Do I Keep My Wood Floors in Good Condition?

Many people don’t know how to properly care for their wood floors, and they end up damaging the flooring with harsh cleaning solutions, DIY wood floor refinishing attempts, or just simply neglecting the care of their floors. We recommend quickly cleaning up spills, avoiding harsh floor cleaners, and using furniture pads to avoid any scratches and damage. For a more extensive look at preventing wood floor damage and keeping your floors in good shape, check out this blog post. When damage and dullness do occur, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for wood floor refinishing in South Jordan, UT.

before hardwood floor refinishing south jordan UT
After Hardwood Floor Refinishing South Jordan UT

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Our wood floor refinishing in South Jordan, UT includes sanding the floors to repair any surface damage. Once the targeted scratches and damage are sanded away, we apply a new finish. Our refinishing technicians will help you every step of the way while selecting a new finish for your flooring. Before any work begins, we will always complete a sample of the stain in a small, hidden spot so you can be sure you are satisfied with the finish you selected.

“If you are looking to have your hardwood floors refinished, this is hands down the best option for you. I had let the finish wear off areas of my hardwood floors in my kitchen and living room, and was considering having them sanded and refinished. Instead, they came in and gave me a very reasonable bid, and they made the floors look brand new! I simply can’t believe these are the same floors – the transformation is incredible. All without sanding, the mess, and no toxic chemicals. The crew was friendly and professional and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!”

-Deb N.

South Jordan, UT

We Also Provide Sandless Floor Refinishing

Sandless floor refinishing is ideal for floors that are older and may not be able to be sanded. This process also works well for hand-scraped floors or floors that do not have a lot of scratches. For this type of floor refinishing, we thoroughly buff all areas, fill gaps and cracks, add color back as needed, seal, and then apply a thick coat of durable waterborne finish. Call us for more details about this process and how we can transform your flooring with our wood floor refinishing in South Jordan, UT!

*Sandless wood floor refinishing in South Jordan, UT starts at $3.50 per sq ft.*

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