Mantel Refinishing

Update Your Home with Mantel Refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT

A beautiful mantel over your fireplace can become the centerpiece of your home by drawing everything together. While the wood for a mantel does not see as much wear and tear as cabinets, it is just as important to keep it looking presentable. We specialize in treating any wood surface in your home— including mantel refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT!

Your mantel may be in great shape and may not need any repair. However, if you’re trying to change the look of your living room or modernize your home, we can update the color and style of your mantel! Go for a darker finish to match your new furniture. With our mantel refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT, you can finally get the look and color you want for this unique wood feature!

mantel refinishing salt lake city ut

Transform Your Living Room into a Cozy and Modern Space

Our mantel refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas will change how you view your living room! Your family will love spending time getting cozy near the fireplace. Get a price estimate for this service or schedule an appointment here.

Our Attention to Detail is Unmatched

Similar to our cabinet services, mantel refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT requires close attention to detail. With extensive training and steady hands, our wood refinishing technicians are experts at carefully applying stains and paints, and they always treat your home with the utmost respect. Whether you are getting a completely new color or just refreshing your current finish, our mantel refinishing service will make your living room, hearth room, or any other space look like new!

after mantel refinishing salt lake city ut

They did a great job refurbishing my floors and making them look like new. I have had them do some other projects for me in the past (cabinets, stair rail and fireplace mantel) they also matched my fish aquarium stand and canopy to my fireplace mantle and it looks great. The team was very adaptive to my busy schedule and quality of the work is great. The price was within my budget, and is a much more affordable way to change the look of your cabinets and floors than replacing them.”

Robert M.

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