Hardwood Refinishing in the Salt Lake City Area

Hardwood refinishing has always been a go-to solution for updating the look of your home, so much so that people have begun blogging about and creating Facebook groups around wood refinishing projects. Whether you are wanting a simple bathroom cabinet or hardwood floor refinishing, there are many options available to educate yourself on which path to take. Here at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, we strive to bring your visions and dreams to life through our hardwood refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT. You may be a little weary about pursuing a wood refinishing project, but we understand – it’s an investment! Here are a handful of benefits that come with a wood refinishing project from Silver Tree Wood Refinishing:

Brand New Look

This is obvious, but the most important. You’ve been putting up with the old scratches and dents from years of wear and tear long enough – it’s time to get your hardwood back into tip-top shape. There’s a saying that goes “you look good, you feel good.” We believe that when “your home looks good, you feel good!” We know that you strive to keep your home looking clean and beautiful, which is why won’t settle until you are satisfied with how your wood refinishing looks!

Increased Safety

Your home should be your place of comfort and relaxation. Nothing is better than, especially during these holiday times, coming home after a long day and relaxing on your couch or in the kitchen with your loved one. Damaged or aged hardwood can pose significant risks such as splintering or scratching those who use them. You should never have to worry about harming yourselves on something as simple as your hardwood flooring or cabinetry! Hardwood refinishing services significantly reduce the risk of any injury or harm caused by these surfaces. 

Fight Off Pests

One of the main avenues pests and bugs take to get into your home is through the perimeter of your home and through the floorboards. This is often why you tend to see bugs running along your wood trim. Hardwood refinishing and wood trim refinishing are excellent ways to ward off these pests by creating a “roadblock” in their “highway” into your home. Not only this, but it will give you more time to find other areas of your home where these pests may be getting in and seal those off as well! 


Silver Tree Wood Refinishing is dedicated to YOU! We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service – take our customers’ word for it! To get started, give us a call today by clicking HERE, or send us a message! We’ll be waiting for you!

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