Your cabinets get used countless times throughout the day, it’s no surprise when they get a little dirty! Whether you are storing food, glassware, cleaning supplies, or toiletries, it’s important to keep your cabinets clean and tidy for all uses. We have put together just a few ways we believe are the best to keep your cabinets clean and organized for optimal use!

Keep Your Cabinets Closed

This may seem so simple – that’s because it is! Leaving cabinet drawers open can put excessive stress on your cabinets’ hinges and hardware. While this may seem minuscule, it will affect the performance of your cabinets greatly in the long run. Open cabinet doors allow for extra dust and debris to get into your food and/or glassware. Keeping your cabinets closed not only looks nice, but it keeps your cabinet spaces clean! 

Avoid Any Water Exposure

Your cabinets are just as likely to be a victim of spills as your carpets and floors. One of the most common places for water to attack your cabinets is under your sinks. Bathroom and kitchen sinks are likely to leak water at one point or another. Being quick to clean these up will save your cabinets from needing a full cabinet replacement. Keeping water from penetrating deeply into your wood cabinets will help you prolong the life of your cabinets greatly! 

Clean Your Cabinets

You may be thinking – “Duh”, but odds are you probably don’t clean your cabinets. Don’t worry, most people don’t. A quick dusting is always welcomed but we suggest going one step further. Using a 50/50 water to cleaning solution on your cabinets will help remove any dirt or grime that has built up on your cabinets. Oils from hands are always accumulating on the surfaces in your home, so why skip the cabinets when you’re cleaning?

If your cabinets have begun to lose their natural beauty, allow Silver Tree Wood Refinishing to refinish your wood cabinets and bring them back to life! Call us today to schedule a visit or request a quote today! 

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