Here at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, we wear many different hats. We take care of all your needs, from the cabinet or wood floor refinishing, to renovation trim, and banisters, we do it all. There is one service that tends to be overlooked, however, that is our mantel refinishing! (Yes, that’s the wood around your fireplace.) Our mantel renovation process will restore the beauty of your home in a fraction of the time that a DIY project would take. 

You may think, “But my mantel is in great shape.” Sure! However, if you are continually modernizing your home and making other renovations, you’ll want a mantel refinishing. This allows the overall aesthetic of your home to be equal. Most mantels were built/installed over a decade ago, needless to say, trends have changed since then. Updating your mantel to keep up with the style of your home is essential to an eye-popping living room! 

Along with our other services, we pay extensive attention to detail, ensuring that you are beyond satisfied with your mantel and other services that we provide for you. Whether you are just getting a new coat of paint or a brand new mantel, from start to finish we make sure you are fully involved and seeing the progress take place. If something is out of place or not “up to par” with your expectations, let us know and we will be happy to help. 

We are obviously going to speak very highly of ourselves and our work, but we don’t want to you just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied customers have to say! Read testimonials from our customers here! Here’s what Robert has to say about our services:

“They did a great job refurbishing my floors and making them look like new. I have had them do some other projects for me in the past (cabinets, stair rail, and fireplace mantel) they also matched my fish aquarium stand and canopy to my fireplace mantle and it looks great. The team was very adaptive to my busy schedule and the quality of the work is great. The price was within my budget, and is a much more affordable way to change the look of your cabinets and floors than replacing them.”

Our mantel refinishing service will not let you down and will leave you wanting more! If you are ready to transform your home into something of your dreams, give us a call or contact us today! 

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