Here at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, we wear many hats. From wood floors and cabinets to mantels and trim refinishes. One of the not very well-known services we provide is our wood handrail refinishing! Whether it is an exquisite 20-foot banister or a simple single-piece handrail, we handle it all!

Many people are unsure if they should refinish their handrails or not. Most of the time, people choose to refinish their handrails only when they are painting the wall next to or adjacent to those rails to complete the “new” look. We don’t want you to wait to paint the walls or redo the floors to complete your banister or handrail, lets’s do it now! Here are a few of the many benefits of refinishing your wooden handrails!

Smooth and fresh feeling

Over the years, your handrails and banisters take a beating. Plenty of dings and knicks to these surfaces can greatly diminish the look and feel of the wood. This makes using the rails less comfortable, and more likely to get a sliver and scratch your hand. After we have completed your refinishing, you’ll see just how much better your railings will look and feel! The smooth finish creates a brand new glamor to the railing that never fails to catch your eye!

Pure cleanliness

There’s no more uncomfortable feeling than touching a handrail or spot that is coated in some “ooey-gooey” stickiness. We’ve all had that “cringey” feeling. It could be the oils and sweat from hands after years of usage, or it could be a number of things kids carry around on their hands.

Our wood refinishing service removes years’ worth of dirt and debris from your handrails and banister, leaving nothing but brand-new and clean finishes. This not only feels better on your hands but keeps you and your family safe from any leftover allergens or pollutants.

Long-lasting results

We love working with you, but we don’t want to be back at your house every single year for the same job. We make sure to provide top-of-the-line products to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your railings not just now, but for years to come! Your approval is our biggest priority and we won’t quit until we get it!

Call now to get your wood handrail and banisters refinished! Contact us here at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing for a free quote!

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