Painting your kitchen cabinets may seem like an easy evening or weekend project that you can tackle, but it’s often a bigger task than most homeowners expect. Hiring a cabinet refinishing company in Salt Lake City, UT is the fastest, easiest, and often a more affordable method to go about painting your cabinets. However, if you think you are up to the challenge, we suggest following these 3 tips from experts on our Silver Tree Wood Refinishing team!

#1. Pick the highest quality primer, paint, and topcoat. 

Avoid at all costs the mistake of using wall primers and latex paint on your cabinets, a mistake many people performing cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT make. These aren’t meant for cabinets and tend to wear away quickly, especially in kitchens. Stick to acrylic, alkyd, or enamel paints instead that are made to last on cabinets.

#2. Thoroughly wipe down and clean cabinets prior to painting.

Taking adequate time to remove grease and smudges from your cabinets before painting is essential. This will make the primer and paint adhere much better to your cabinet surfaces.

#3. Wait for paint or stain to completely dry before applying next coat.

If you don’t wait for the 1st coat of paint to fully dry before applying the 2nd coat of paint, you will have spots of uneven texture and color. You’ll notice that as the paint on your cabinets begins drying, the color will change slightly. Once your cabinets looks like they are all the same color and there are no splotchy or uneven color spots, that’s when you can apply the 2nd coat of paint.

Book a Cabinet Refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT this Spring

Silver Tree Wood Refinishing can help you enjoy stunning painting results in your home without any interruptions to your busy schedule or budget. Cash in on the benefits of choosing the best cabinet refinishing company in Salt Lake City, UT for your upcoming cabinet painting project.

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