With fall here, you may be making lists of what needs to get done before holidays begin and the school year gets busy. We bet things like signing up for sports teams, scheduling medical appointments, and shopping for gifts are on your list — but have you added wood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT to your list? Fall is one of the best times to get a wood floor refinishing⁠. Read this blog post to find out why!

Cooler temperatures mean quicker refinishing jobs.

Refinishing floors in the hot summer heat can be difficult labor. But thanks to the cooler temperatures, our technicians’ jobs become a bit easier! Plus, the nice fall breezes help our floor stains dry faster.

You’ll have just the right amount of time to decorate before the holidays.

When we refinish floors, we need a clutter-free floor to work with. So, if you have decor, toys, or other items covering your floor, you’ll have to remove them. That’s why it’s best to schedule a wood floor refinishing before the holidays so you can decorate once we are done. We guarantee that the guests that come to your home this season will compliment your great decorations and beautiful floors!

Your floor will be better prepared for the winter weather.

There’s no doubt that at some point during the upcoming winter, snow and mud will be tracked inside and onto your wood floors. A wood floor refinishing this fall may help protect your floors from damage caused by inclement weather.

Call the Experts for Wood Floor Refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT

Don’t wait to book a wood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT before your schedule gets too busy this fall. Our highly trained technicians at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing are excited to get you the best-looking hardwood floors in town this exciting season!

Get started on your project with our team! Contact us today for wood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT. 

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