Thinking about changing up the look of your kitchen? You may be stuck considering what to do with your old cabinets. Most homeowners choose to either completely replace their cabinets or simply get them repainted.

Unless you want to completely remodel your cabinet layout, then we bet kitchen cabinet painting in Salt Lake City, UT is the better option for you. Check out these 3 reasons why more and more homeowners are choosing cabinet painting over cabinet replacement.

#1. Much More Affordable 

Completely replacing all the cabinets in your kitchen is expensive. You can expect to spend a large portion of your budget for the labor of removing and disposing of your old cabinets. In all reality, your cabinets likely still have years of use in them and just need a facelift.

Because we use your existing kitchen cabinets during our cabinet painting process, your expenses are much lower and more reasonable.

#2. Process is Faster to Complete

Cabinet replacement takes several weeks to complete because of the extensive amount of work it takes. Our kitchen cabinet painting in Salt Lake City, UT only takes about a few days up to a week to finish. Our technicians will be in and out of your house in what seems like no time at all!

#3. Still Allows for Dramatic Color & Style Changes

Many people think that cabinet replacement is the only option available to completely alter the look of their cabinets. The truth is, cabinet painting still allows for very dramatic color and style changes, and the best part is that you’re not constrained to any particular look.

At Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, we can customize the color you want, and we can help you match it to your new hardware.

Choose Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Salt Lake City, UT

Our team is excited to give you the cabinets you’ve always imagined in your home without the added costs or stress of a cabinet replacement! Reach out to us to book an appointment for our kitchen cabinet painting in Salt Lake City, UT and see the stunning transformation we can make in your home.

Reach out to our team Silver Tree Wood Refinishing for kitchen cabinet painting in Salt Lake City, UT

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