We often run into customers who push off getting a hardwood floor refinishing for a while or they have no idea their hardwood floors need to be refinished in the first place. Our wood floor refinishing in Murray, UT will get your hardwood floors in tip-top shape, but before you schedule an appointment with us at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, you should assess your floors using these signs and determine if they need refinishing!

#1. There are lots of scratches on your floors.

While small scratches on your hardwood floors are inevitable, a lot of deep scratches are the #1 sign your floors need to be refinished. If left untreated, deep scratches can splinter or turn into gouges, requiring you to replace specific floorboards. With our wood floor refinishing in Murray, UT, we remove scratches during our sanding process. This creates a clean, undamaged surface that is ready to be stained in the color of your choice!

#2. Your home has recently had a water damage incident.

A leaky pipe, standing floodwater, or a large spill in the kitchen can cause water stains, warping, and even mold growth in your floors. Wood floor refinishing in Murray, UT is necessary to repair and protect your hardwood floors. Be sure to act fast and call hardwood floor refinishers as soon as you see evidence of water damage on your floors— if not, you may have to resort to completely replacing your flooring!

#3. Your floors look faded, gray, or discolored.

Hardwood floors can fade over time due to UV light exposure. Fortunately, when a new stain is applied to your flooring during the refinishing process, it can protect your floors from the sunlight and bring the vibrant color back to them. Gray discoloration on hardwood floors is also a common issue that homeowners run into. This happens when the sealant/protectant wears off, which leaves exposed wood vulnerable to water absorption. Again, professional wood floor refinishers can sand your floors and reapply a stain and sealant to refresh the durability of your floors.

Professional Wood Floor Refinishing in Murray, Utah

If you’ve taken a good look at your hardwood floors and they have all of these signs, it’s time to call us for wood floor refinishing in Murray, UT. Our highly trained technicians at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing have the skills to get you the best-looking hardwood floors in town at an affordable price and fast time frame!

Contact Silver Tree Wood Refinishing for wood floor refinishing in Murray, UT! We look forward to refinishing your floors! 

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