If you’re like us at Silver Tree Wood Refinishing, your kitchen is the heart of your home and where you spend a lot of time with your family. Because the kitchen is such a commonly frequented space, interior designers are always exploring new ways to make this area stylish and unique. One popular trend you may have seen on Pinterest or in magazines is two-tone cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT. We love this trend, and if you’re thinking about implementing it in your kitchen, there are a few tips you should know when choosing colors!

Identify a Focal Point in Your Kitchen 

Start by selecting a specific set of cabinets to be the focal point in your kitchen. This spot will be the best place to add unique color that adds contrast and draws the eye to that specific area. Many people choose kitchen islands or their lower cabinets as the focal point of their kitchen. For these areas, eye-catching jewel tones or dark colors look great!

Choose a Dark Color for the Lower Cabinets 

A darker color on bottom cabinets acts as an anchor for your kitchen. By using the darker shade on the bottom and a lighter color on top, your kitchen will feel larger and more grounded as the lighter colors draw the eye upward.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stick with Neutral Colors  

Keep in mind that the two colors you choose for your cabinets don’t have to be extremely bold or dramatic. Subtle color variations (for example white or cream upper cabinets with light grey lower cabinets) for example still pull off the two-tone look very well.

how to choose colors for two-tone cabinetsCheck out a Color Wheel 

To get more ideas of color combinations, reference a color wheel! This handy tool used by interior designers, artists, and even wood refinishing companies, helps you determine complementary colors or analogous colors that look great together.

Professional Cabinet Refinishing in Salt Lake City, UT

We know our customers love checking out cabinet design trends and seeing all the possibilities for their kitchen cabinets, and the two-tone cabinet refinishing trend is a great way to customize your cabinets to the style of your home. With our cabinet refinishing in Salt Lake City, we’ll create your dream cabinets — whether that be with two-tone cabinet refinishing, staining, cabinet repairs, or more!

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