Picking a new kitchen cabinet color can be an intimidating task, especially when you know this color will be in your home for many years. We’re experts at cabinet refinishing in Murray, UT, and we know a thing or two about choosing the perfect cabinet color. We hope our insight will help make the cabinet color picking process easier and less stressful for you!

Consider the Style of Your Kitchen 

The first thing to consider when selecting a new cabinet color is the style of your kitchen. If you have traditional shaker cabinets and a country farmhouse style kitchen, you can’t go wrong with white or cream cabinets. If you have modern cabinets and a minimal style kitchen, choose a gray or black. If you’re going for a cottage charm look, select a whimsical color like sage green or light blue.

Think About Size and Light Exposure 

If your kitchen is small and doesn’t have a lot of natural light exposure, it’s best to choose a light color (like white or light gray) for your cabinets. This will make your kitchen seem larger. On the other hand, if your kitchen is spacious and has a decent amount of natural light, you can choose a darker cabinet color to accentuate the space!

Work With Other Fixtures and Design Elements in the Space

Perhaps the only home upgrade you’re planning is cabinet refinishing in Murray. If you’re not expecting to update your flooring, backsplash, countertops, lighting fixtures, and more, you’ll have to think about how these current design elements will look with your refinished cabinets. We suggest choosing a cabinet color that compliments these elements but still provides your kitchen with a new appearance.

Choose Bold or Neutral Colors… or Both! 

Neutral colors look great in just about any home, so if you’re wanting a traditional look with little risk, this is a good option for you. But, if you want to add a pop of color and unique flair to your kitchen, try a bold color like blue or red.

How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Color If you can’t decide between bold or natural colors, choose two-tone cabinets and get both! For two-tone cabinets, we like using a darker paint color on the lower set of cabinets, and a lighter color on the top cabinets.

Cabinet Refinishing in Murray, Utah

Silver Tree Wood Refinishing’s cabinet refinishing in Murray, UT can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen. If you still are having trouble deciding on a cabinet color, we can help you choose— after all, we’re cabinet refinishing experts with years of experience in the industry!

Contact us online today or at 385-261-4027 to get started on your project! 

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