When remodeling your home, one of the most exciting and challenging projects to tackle is your kitchen. If you have a conservative remodeling budget that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than a kitchen you love. Here are 3 budget-friendly ways to dramatically update your kitchen!

1. Change the Color of Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are often the first item on a homeowner’s list of things to update—and for good reason. Kitchen cabinets make more of an impact than just about anything else in a kitchen, and the great news is that you don’t have to install entirely new cabinets to achieve a fresh look. With our cabinet refinishing in Sandy, UT, you can update the color of your cabinets for an affordable price with the process only taking a few days to complete.

Many people choose neutral cabinet colors like white or light gray and some go for bold colors like blue or black. No matter what option you choose, a fresh coat of paint or stain on your cabinets will deliver the stunning results you’re looking for!

2. Update Your Cabinet Hardware

If you’ve decided to choose cabinet refinishing in Sandy, UT, you have the option to use your existing cabinet hardware or use new hardware. For a modern style kitchen, we suggest using sleek silver handles for black cabinets or black handles for white cabinets. For a vintage or farmhouse style kitchen, try using brass knobs for brown cabinets or bronze knobs for white cabinets. Something as simple as updating the drawer and door handles and the hinges can seriously complement the look you’re trying to achieve!

3. Switch out Your Kitchen Finishes

Because countertops are one of the largest surfaces and key focal points in your kitchen, this is a great place to start when choosing kitchen finishes. Consider color and texture when making selections for your kitchen island and countertops. Steer toward smooth, light, reflective materials with a finish that’s durable and easy to keep clean. Composite and granite are great choices, or for a more bold statement, try natural wood, large tile, or stainless steel. We suggest sticking with the same countertops throughout your entire kitchen, but if you do want variation, try a different material just on your kitchen island.

Another finish that can dramatically influence the look of your kitchen is the backsplash. The typical rule of thumb is to choose a backsplash that contrasts with your cabinets and countertops. For example, light backsplashes pair beautifully with dark cabinets or countertops. Keep in mind that your countertops and cabinets will be the main focal point of your kitchen, and the purpose of the rest of the finishes like the backsplash and lighting fixtures is to enhance them.

3 budget friendly ways to dramatically update your kitchenSilver Tree Wood Refinishing in Sandy, UT

We hope these tips help you update your kitchen and get it looking better than ever! Silver Tree Wood Refinishing can give you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of with our cabinet refinishing in Sandy, UT and the surrounding areas near Salt Lake City. With us, you can make your remodeling budget stretch even further!

Ready to get started with your project? Contact Silver Tree Wood Refinishing for cabinet refinishing in Sandy today! 

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